Sherlock Homes Inspections Services

Commercial and Residential Inspections, New Construction, Consulting

Commercial/Multi Family Property Inspections

The type of property being inspected, and the requested scope of inspection determine the complexity of the Commercial Report

Residential Property Inspections

From Historic Homes to Conventional to Estates we have experience at all levels.

New Construction

Progress property inspections on new and remodeling construction projects provide direct, unbiased evaluations to you of the contractors and building officials work on your project.


My background in Contracting and Expert Witness helps to identify and develop strategies for avoiding costly mistakes before work begins, or when things have gone wrong.

Why choose us?

The Property Inspection business has evolved in just a few decades. The experience of buying a property, especially the first purchase can be a harrowing experience. My goal is to provide you with a comprehensive inspection report that identifies the most important findings which should be primary considerations. You won’t find non essential details, only the important items. There may be recommendations for “Future” work. These are the things that will be important to budget for now so that when items need repairs or replacement, you are ready. It is my goal to give you a sense of informed confidence regarding the status of the property being inspected.


Your safety and a safe home are a top priority for us. We make every effort...


As a Contractor, I worked on large and small commercial and residential projects...


I promise you that when I am working for you, your project is the most important thing...